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Chris Farrell Membership Review

The Chris Farrell Membership program is probably one of the most reliable services online. Chris Farrell, the founder, is an incredibly successful entrepreneur, is a great, likeable guy with a solid reputation backing him up. Six years ago, in 2008, Chris started out online – new to everything. In just six years, his business has rocketed to the point where his membership is one of the most sought-after internet marketing tutorial programs online! He’s a super-clever man and has a real knack for everything internet marketing related. He has a huge passion for what he does, and a passion to help others.

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Before he started his online journey, Chris had a high-paying job working for a radio station. It must have taken a giant leap of faith to leave the security of that job, and do what he had a passion for, and what he believed in. He wanted something more from life and wanted to help people, and now he owns his own online empire: the Chris Farrell Membership.
chris farrell membership 21 days to success

Enter “21 Days to Success”. This program is a comprehensive, hands-on online business training. You get a breakdown on the most important steps of building an internet business, plus tips on how to implement each and every step for yourself. Learning how to create revenue from home made easy.

Within 6 months of starting online, Chris Farrell was pulling in $250 “every day”. Fast forward another 3 months, and he was pretty close to $1K daily. Within two years, Chris had made a million. Besides having an unbelievably huge income, his reputation with other marketers is impeccable.

When you visit the website, you’re hit with a video sales letter, and as you continue to watch, it’s simple to see that a lot of hard work went into creating the video, behind the scenes. It’s legit. For real. Still, it can’t be compared with my #1 ranked online service, but read on anyway for more info on the Chris Farrell Membership which is a great program, and it’s very easy and cheap to get started.


- Personal videos from Chris himself.
- Incredibly low starting cost. $1 for the first week.
- Done-for-you websites (Pretty cool ha)?!
- Unlimited hosting.
- First-rate support.
- Step-by-step templates you can implement yourself to create your own website super-quick.
- All the information is broken down into bite-size, daily videos. No information overload whatsoever.
- It’s super-easy to cancel at any time – no questions asked.


- You don’t get a clear picture on how much time you have to invest in the Chris Farrell Membership program (except the 21 Days to Success training program) in order to see profits and gains.
- No free trial. But of course, $1 is very low in it self.
- Sometimes, the community is inactive. It’s also pretty hard to get in touch with Chris himself – it took me nearly a week to get an answer from him. Yes, he’s a busy person, but you would expect that he reply just a little bit sooner…
- Excluding the monthly fee, there will also be other expenses to start your business, like for ex the cost of an autoresponder, that isn’t mentioned upfront.

For What Kind of People is The Chris Farrell Membership?

The Chris Farrell Membership is a step-by-step system, created  mainly for “beginners”. It’s all about following pre-given templates to build your website and business.

However, this really isn’t as simple as it sounds – especially if you’re not technologically inclined. A domain name + hosting is necessary these days, and this program does its best to push that idea on you.

Firstly, the membership is mainly directed at beginners. Much of the focus is on buying a domain and setting up your hosting account, (which is unlimited at CFM), getting your website live, setting up an auto-responder in order to build your list – that type of thing.

Of course, you get to access more advanced concepts later on in the membership – which is great if you’re an experienced online marketer. You can skip what you already know and head straight to what you don’t.

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Training and Tools at Chris Farrell Membership

Once you become a member, you’re given access to something called “21 Days to Success”, a training course comprised of video-based modules that continue for 21 days.

Here are some of the steps you will learn:

- How to write awesome copy/sales letters.
- Creating high-conversion squeeze pages – getting people to sign up to your mailing list.
- How to create and market your own products.
- All about WordPress.
- How to create and market your own eBook.

Each video lesson comes with a blueprint that is easy to follow – outlining what you should be doing at what times. You also have some great text-based manuals in case you missed/didn’t understand a concept.

A huge drawback, though, is that there are moments when you feel that the membership is at a standstill. When this happens, you will notice very little activity (if any) across the entire membership. When this happens, it’s nigh impossible to get help/support from the forum – you feel as though you’ve been left out of things. During these times, I recommend that you take a break and come back later.

Does The Chris Farrell Membership Offer Any Good Support?

Inside the members’ area, you have a discussion forum where you can ask questions and get help from fellow members. Even though he doesn’t have the greatest response time, Chris truly is a nice guy who wants to help you succeed online - he even gives you a number you can call if you are having major problems with something! Few IM mentors/coaches can say that. This weighs up for his sometimes slow response time!

There is a community support offered, but as mentioned earlier, it’s pretty lacking in activity – almost zero action. Chris is almost never there. But you will still get plenty of help from the forum, so you can feel safe.

As a newbie, the forum threads already available can be hugely useful. When people are actually active, it’s nigh about the perfect place for a newbie to learn. You will get plenty of help, answers and information about whatever issues you may be having. Nothing spectacular, but it holds its own.

One thing that gets me a little annoyed however, is a constant upsell for Chris Farrell’s Mentor Me program, which costs a pretty penny – $997. To me, this is a typical “guru” move. If you buy it, you have absolutely no guarantee that it will work for you. But I know from personal experience and by reputation that Chris is a remarkable and honorable man, who is definitely not famous for misleading or deceiving people.

Chris Farrell Membership at a Final Glance

The program is superb for beginners who are totally new to “the work-at-home online business”, and have no idea about what they should be doing. Chris makes it crystal-clear that you’re going to have to put in a hard work, and a lot of time every single day.

As with all business, you won’t reach success if you’re not willing to put in the time. I love this kind of upfront honesty from Chris – he really is a fantastic guy! So many “gurus” out there offer “$19,938.92 in 21 days or less. Not with Chris Farrell. He makes it clear that you won’t earn huge amounts of money right away, and you might not even earn any money if you don’t put in the work. Real, hard work.

The videos are simply amazing – super-simple blueprints to success. They are broken down and structured quite nicely so that you aren’t overwhelmed with information. Just remember that these are pretty basic, and the interval between updates and new videos can vary greatly. The price range is pretty close to other programs and services in this niche.

I believe it’s one of the better programs out there but definitely not the best one if you are looking for a way to grow a successful, long-term business that’s sure to bring in passive income.

My only concern was the continual upsell for the Mentor Me program, and the inactivity that occurs from time to time in the forum.

If you are a more experienced marketer, you can skip the easy parts and move on to the more advanced areas.

Chris Farrell Membership